Friday, October 3, 2008

Slow and Steady Wins the Race or "CHARACTERISM?!?"

back home after awesomely long fishing trip and great sleep in the most comfortable bed in the state of TN. . .let's face it, there are more comfy beds in other states. . .i also had the distinct pleasure(???) of watching the ONLY VP debate last night. . .WOW!! i have ot wonder if the news media was watching the same debate but then i remember that they NEED this to be super close so they have something to report on for the next month. . .a GIANT ugh to you politics!!!

some of the dates are firming up for the next month or so. . .of course there's the Halloween jamboree at the Ryman with BBJ, The Hold Steady and The Drive-By Truckers. . .still can't wrap my head around that one. there's also a CMJ run with TOD and then a Texas mini tour with TOD as well. . .in between those will be some little lady time (can't wait!!!!) and possible Forget Cassettes/Sincerity Guild happenings/recordings/shows and then its on to holiday time and a mountain cabin getaway with the folks and The Pigg!! its shaping up to be a killer end o year. . .and don't forget everyone there will be the awesome combo Sagittarius Birthday Bash sometime in December!!!!!

how is everyone doing??? i'm trying to make the calls and keep up, i promise!!!

to quote Greg Dulli---"Baby you be sweet!!"

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