Monday, October 27, 2008

I gots inks in me skins or YOWSAH!!

so here it is, the first pic of the tattoo on the web. . . i took the plunge last week and got it done. pretty awesomely happy with it and as with everyone who gets a tattoo now i know i wanna get more done. . .trust me folks the pain is nothing, seriously. i'm still in the healing process and i'm applying loads of neosporin and ointments galore and you can kinda see the bruising right around the bottom right a little. once its done peeling i'll send up another pic or 2. a HUGE thanks to Chuck Nice in Brooklyn for doing this for me and being an all around super man!!!

back from CMJ and all the craziness that was. . .our shows were fun and the ew TOD EP "Festival Thyme" is up over at iTunes now for your enjoyment. . .coming up for TOD a TX mini tour of Houston, Dallas and Austin where we play the Fun, Fun, Fun Fest and i get to play with the Dead Milkmen and my heroes BAD BRAINS!!!!!!!!! to say i'm excited is a giant understatement. . .

this friday is the Ryman show with Bobby Bare Jr., The Hold Steady and The Drive By Truckers. . .it still hasn't sunk in that i'm playing the Ryman. . .whoa!

hope you're all well and i'll see you very soon!!!

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