Friday, October 17, 2008

Tortured Egg Salad Turnovers or The way to a man's heart is through is 3rd or 4th rib. . .DUH!!!


To most of you cats this means the end of your week. . .for me its just getting started!!!! I leave today for quality time with the little lady on the streets of Philadelphia and i'll hang there with her until sunday at which point i take a bus into fabulous NYC for the start of CMJ 2008. . .this is both fun and a headache as it involves lots of subway travel and general getting around in a city that is somewhat unfriendly to the "band getting around" subculture. . .in other news, i've finally shaken the cold that has dogged me for some time and i seem to be on the road to a speedy recovery, thank you very much. . .

i saw Robin Williams at the Grand ole Opry with my folks last week!! i laughed my ass off. . .almost literally.

in yet OTHER news. . .The Sincerity Guild is playing a show with Forget Cassettes at The End on December 5th. . .mark your calendars kids i'll be pulling double duty that night and playing drums for both. . .its gonna be a rock and roller so come out. . .the FC set will be mainly stuff from SALT that has been neglected somewhat in recent days. . .and TSG will rock you like usual with probably a little extra spice thrown in for good measure. . .DONT MISS IT!!!

also, be sure to head over to the RYMAN on halloween and check Bobby Bare Jr.'s opening set which will also feature yours truly on the drums!!! yayyayayayayay!!!!!! for drums!!

i hope you're all fabulous and i hope to see you soon!!!

new Trail of Dead EP is coming!!!!! October 28th i believe!!! so there. . .i'm a salesmen, for myself!

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emily the mom said...

i better book me a babysitter.....