Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Got my eyes on the finish line or blue and silver are really nice colors on drums.

here i am back home again. . .sitting at my little adjustable table staring at a computer screen and drinking fresh coffee from my penguin mug. . .amazing how little time it takes to get back in the rhythm huh?? we pulled back in town last night about 10:30pm and i must say that the last 3+ weeks have felt like a year. . .i actually verbalized the thought i've had for some time last night, "I'm getting to the point where i don't recognize home anymore. . ." this is a hard concept to explain to those of us who don't travel or don't see home for extended periods of time but it definitely becomes the case. . .its has a strange sort of tiring effect on the body. in my boyish dream land i would love to imagine that this puts me in the same league as the sailor types who used to go away for months or years at a time. . .(and this is when The Pigg starts laughing and says "Oh come on. . . .) but really it just makes you realize how quickly the time slips away and how much change occurs while you aren't looking. . .this particular trip was amazing but only punctuated by doing what i actually do for a living, playing music. . .there was A LOT of hanging out which was awesome but it also keeps you form getting in the "groove" of being gone because you have entire days without anything to do really. . .this sounds like heaven to most, i'm sure, but it can be quite nerve-wracking for those of us with lots of bottled up energy and the need to stay busy. . .hehehe

anywho, its great to be home!!!! i can't wait to hang with the lovelies i haven't seen in a long time and say howdy to everyone i've missed!!! i hope you're well!

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