Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Kokomo or The ceiling fan's falling chicken little!

good morning all. . .its debate day here in Nashville and there is every chance i'm gonna be locked up inside my house for the day. . .i AM gonna try and ride my bike down close to Belmont to see what the madness looks like in person. . .i hear there's gonna be lots of protesting and such. . .YAY!!!

getting geared up for my CMJ trip. . .TOD will be playing a possible total of 3 times at this one. . .sounds like a good time!!! i'm flying into philly on the 17th to hang with Ms. Pigg for a couple of days before our craziness begins in earnest in the city and maybe get to see some of philly i haven't seen before. . .

after that the FC practices will begin and then we'll get a chance to see how many shows we feel like doing before the new year begins. . .

word 'em up!

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