Saturday, October 4, 2008

"Saaaturrrday in the park. . ." or Boss Hoss

what a lazy saturday. . .hangin out with the windows open to the Ford domicile and airing the house out with Memphis Soul and fresh air. . .its good to be back "home" and able to listen to the musics and bang on this keyboard and talk to the little lady (though i wish like hell that she was here!!!) this is still an amazingly beautiful day and i think i'm gonna go riding the bikes later with Tyner and Master P all over town and shake the dust off my ass!!! hahaha!!!

later than that is going to a movie with Travis and just laughing my bootie off as only me and the Traver can do!!!

hints of "reunion" shows are in the air. . .FC and TSG are seriously talking about making this happen and more than once. . .there is also talk of TSG recording in the next month. . .everyone think on it real hard and it may just happen!!!!

i'm off to enjoy the soul and some homemade lunch!!!!

loves to all!!!

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