Thursday, November 20, 2008

Reading time agaiiinnnn or thoughts on a post 9/11 world

my first post in a while. . .probably a little more solemn in some respects than previous ones. been doing a lot of thinking about the future(s) lately. . .my michigan move is closer at hand every day and the beginning of my new life (once again) in a new place gets more exciting every time i think about it. . .i love the idea of the change and i also (naturally) get a pinch sad just before beginning the actual move. . ."the future's so bright" indeed!

reading a lot these days, just finished Zadie Smith's White Teeth and started Don Delillo's Falling Man all in the same day. . .hahaha. talk about differences! White Teeth was one of the rare occasions for me where i actually enjoyed laughing out loud at a novel, i highly recommend it. Falling Man is already putting me in a different headspace. . .Delillo seems to get more and more efficient with his writing with every passing book. this one is full of little "punches" of words. they don't even seem like full on sentences at times. . .he does an AMAZING job of capturing that numb, horrified feeling immediately following 9/11. . .it definitely has caused me to think of that time more than i have in quite a while. . .

in other news, the . . .Trail of Dead record is done! it finally sounds amazing and exactly the way it needed to sound. . .everyone is pretty excited. i think the official release date has been set for February 17th with our touring to begin on the 19th hahahaa! much press and blah blah blah to follow for that i'm sure. . .also practices and preparations for the December return of The Sincerity Guild and the decidedly more Rock n' Roll version of Forget Cassettes have begun. . .TSG spent the whole of last weekend in an undisclosed location practicing up for 4-6 hrs. a day to ensure maximum rock potential shall be met. . .the show should be stellar!

i'm sorry to those who i haven't been able to see since i've been back but, honetly, i've been enjoying being at home so much i really haven't left the house that much. . .i think i'm beginning to drive the roomies crazy!! haha

i hope you're all well and getting ready for the holiday fun as it approaches!!!

loves and doves


ps. . .just had to post some pics of what i've been up to. . . .hahaha!

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