Sunday, January 11, 2009

Karate is the best snow music or There's exorbitant whiteness in my beard!!

so here i am. . .in Michigan, my new home. . .Stacey and I drove up in the snow on friday and really had no troubles until the no man's land that exists between the state lines of Indiana and Michigan. . .then it gots a little hairy. . .but we made it safe and sound and unloaded the cars (after i shoveled the walk!!) and now we're sitting around on our computers being nerds. . .hehe!!

the TOD tour is now, i think, cemented in. . .we're doing a full month and a half here stateside then heading out for another month and a half in the old country then on to Aussie land and Japan. . .then i think we do the whole thing over (with some S. America thrown in for good measure) needless to say we'll be busy for some time!!!

i'm posting some photos from the FC/TSG taken by Travis' lovely ladyfriend, Heather. . .THANKS SOOOOOOOO MUCH HEATHER!!!!

these pics are super great and REALLY capture the spirit of the TSG experience thank you very much!!

i hope you're all well and good and warmer than we are here!!



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beta & the humph said...

fordsie....i hate that i missed you before you left. no hug goodbye? i am a sad girl. i hope you are happy in your new life and know that i will miss you greatly. sending snowy snowflakes of love you and stacey's way!!!