Monday, January 12, 2009

la la la-la-la la means i love you or PROBOT!

18 degrees here in Michigan. . .YOWSAH!!!. . .it gets worse this week with the onset of sub teens highs and well below zero lows. . .going through MAJOR guitar rock phase. . .KARATE, SF59, PROBOT, Smashing Pumpkins, Pell Mell. . .i even busted out the Primus!!! in just a bit i shall go foraging for a new bank account. . .the first REAL signs of settling in here in Lansing! its been fun so far. . .everyone in the house got back safely from their breaks as of last night so that's awesome!

drove in the snow yesterday. . .no wrecks and the van handled well!!! its hard to wanna go outside when its so very chilly outside. . .even though i know i should go. . .hehe.

maybe i should post more pics. . .i think i shall!

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Robyn said...

like the jets song?