Friday, December 12, 2008

Guitar and Video Games or I'll Stop the World and Melt With You

howdy. . .not much to report today. . .sittin in the dining room surrounded by technology, ramen and coffee. . .a winning combo. been taking in a lot of new tunes lately and getting inspired by older ones again. . .Mr. Hartley turned me on to the Team Love Records website where you can download FOR FREE!!! a rotating collection of records from their artist roster. . .i got 6 new records. . .some of it AMAZING some of it not my cup of tea. . .but hey, its free!! also been listening to mewithoutYou a lot recently. . .they seem to be my fall back band of the year. . .whenever i feel i've grown tired of music i hit them up and it always makes me feel like there's still some gas left in the ole creative tank. . .playing the TSG show really reminded me of what music is really about (at least to me) and that is getting together with folks you love and experiencing that very intangible, palpable THING that music is. . .we call it "Going to the Ether" you can call it what you will but its that moment when it seems like ANYTHING you think of you can do on your instrument. . .like the instrument is just an extension of your heart and brain. . .i know i'm asking to get made fun of for most of this that i'm writing but oh well. . .i just hope that everyone has something that takes them "To the Ether" in their life. . .thankfully i have more than one. . .so that i make sure and don't spend too much time with my toes on the ground. . .hehe.

i hope you're day is wonderful and amazing and i hope you got to see our (very light) pretty snow coming down last night. . .



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