Tuesday, September 23, 2008

"Outside is America. . .or The Life You Save May Be Your Own. . .Part the First

ATP report here we go:

grading on an A-F scale. . .

Built to Spill---B

Les Savy Fav---A+
Bob Mould---A++

All 150 dbs of My Bloody Valentine. . .B-

ok so i missed the majority of the Friday night Don't Look Back lineup but did get to catch Built To Spill which were fun but not quite as good as they were in Portland, OR the week before. . .the Saturday night line up was quite the remarkable one as it was made up of a host of bands that i've admired since i was a young'un. . .Polvo kicked my night off by being absolutely amazing and playing pretty much everything that i wanted to hear but not doing it just as it was recorded and instead updating it and making it new in one way or the other. . .they also played a brand new one which blew my mind and made me very happy that they were back together!

Les Savy Fav was just what the DR. ordered and Mr. Tim Harrington and the boys didn't let anyone down. . .they were SUPER tight and Tim's shenanigans were a sight to behold!

Shellac is one of those bands that just seems to stay the course. . .never my fave but a great show nonetheless!

the next day was EPMD who as the odd men out did wonders to realize who the crowd was and play to that crowd and never look back. . .they hit all the high points and then went into some new material that'll be on a new LP in the spring i think. . .AWESOME!!!

Mr. Bob Mould followed us TODer's on sunday and he destroyed all the competition. . .with Jon Wurster from Superchunk on drums Bob and his band TORE IT UP!!!! they played Sugar songs, solo Mould songs and the last half of the set was ALL HUSKER DU!!!! i haven't felt like a kid at a show in soooooo long but this one made me get that feeling all over again. . .

the storied MBV came up to close the night and were 40 mins. late. . .not making a Ford happy and then the LOUDNESS kicked in. apparently the sound engineers were told to make it as "uncomfortable as possible" for everyone. . .they succeeded. having not been a HUGE fan anyways i could've done without all the drama. . maybe i'm just getting old.

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