Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Brooklyn on a budget or How to make Howie Weinberg nervous

on the couch here in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. . .or Crooklyn. . .he he. . .my trip here yesterday was pretty uneventful, well we did hit some pretty "cranky" winds about 2/3rds of the way through the flight. . .always a good time. the events of yesterday unfolded as follows:

In/On "The Flyer" they tell you very early on, "If you're gonna move around the cabin, please use the hand rail to prevent falls." the 3rd lady who got up during our trip either didn't hear this announcement, didn't care or thought she was super woman. . .she was NOT the latter. . .the reason i'm relating this story is not because she fell, which would've been awful, but because the faces she made while ALMOST falling for about 5 mins. (the length of time it took her to go from front of bus to bathroom) made me, once again, have to look at the floor and give a little smile. you see i'm pretty much in love with the ridiculous faces that we as humans make when something goes wrong or not to plan. . .it cracks me up.

once we got to DTW (Detroit Wayne County Aiport) we're informed that its the LAST day for the terminal where my plane will be departing from and that at 12am the entire terminal will be moved to the new, shiny NORTH TERMINALLLLLL!!!! (extra letters for emphasis). . .if you've never been to a terminal on its last day, here's an idea of how it goes. . .when i walked up to what i thought was the security line, nobody there. . .i had to ask the lady on the OTHER side if i was in the right place. somehow for that question i conjured what my father refers to as my "5-year old voice" reminding me that i use to call for him in the middle of the night with a high-pitched faux british accent, "Doddy, Oh Doddy.". . .anywho, she tells me yes i am, in fact, in the right place and then she, wait for it. . . wait for it. . .yells the word, "PASSENGER!!!!" real loud which gets the TSA folks up from their seats (where i think they were sleeping) and makes them do the normal routine even though i'm the ONLY one in sight. once through "security" reality takes a back seat and i step onto the set of the newest George A. Romero movie involving the undead. . .the place looks deserted! people are taking chairs out as i'm standing there. . .i have a little while to wait so i go cruising about the place to dixcover the B.B. Kings is still open but all the employees are just hangin out shooting the proverbial shit and the other 2 eateries only have minimal stuff to sell AND the Magazine Girl (sorry i didn't catch your name) who weirdly called me sweetie (a term reserved i thought for grandma's and older, somewhat smelly aunts) is just standing there looking depressed and somewhat bewildered by what exactly to do. you could see she clearly wanted to be in the BB Kings club but it just was not to be. . .

after my flight i took a cab from La Guardia to the mastering facility of one Mr. Howie Weinberg. anyone who likes music should, at this point, grab a CD and look at the credits. . .especially if it its by Smashing Pumpkins, Beastie Boys, Metallica, Slayer, Public Enemy etc. . .this guy has mastered soooooooooooo many records its ridiculous. after checking in at the front desk and receiving my VISITOR sticker (you see Diddy owns an entire floor of this building) i proceed up to the Weinberg suite. . .there i'm greeted by a hall full of gold and platinum albums from some of my favorite bands EVER (review list above for a taste, i mean this guy did THE POWER STATION!!!!!!!!!). . .then i'm greeted by Jason Reece, Conrad Keely and, of course, Howie. . .Howie is a funny man. at one point he asks me, "What, are you nervous?!?!" my reply is "No, no I'm just a "pacer". his response. . ."Well have a seat or go do that outside, you're making ME nervous. I'm no good with pacing." . . .so i sat down. . .hahahahaha!

so yeah now the record is "done" barring minor fixes and i'm finally getting to hear what happened while i was away in Nashville. . .and we're all deciding if we have to call Howie back and get some fixes done or if we're happy with things the way they are. . .today is a busy day, i'll be heading to the laundromat soon for clean clothes getting and then trying to catch up with friends i haven't seen in a while a little later on. . .what are you doing today?!?!

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emily the mom said...

doddy, oh doddy.
i wish i heard that at 3 am more often...