Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Just say no to the shot or RELEASE DAY!!!!

you can stream the new Trail of Dead record today at Spinner. my oldest boy, Mr. Aaron Ford (@fordsie on twitter), my freshman roommate, member of my wedding party and surrogate uncle to my boys, played drums on this record and is touring non-stop this year in support of this album. he makes me proud. from what I’ve heard so far it reminds me of Source Tags which is a very good thing. check it out if you’re a fan. especially if you were a fan. you will like.

so the new . . .Trail of Dead album The Century of Self came out today. . .big news!! there are tons of good things being said about it and we're about to embark on what will be the most touring i've done in one year EVER. . .thanks to all the peeps for the well wishes and here's to hopin' you enjoy the record as much as i'll enjoy playing it every night for the rest of my life!!!! hahahaha!!

i'll try and keep this thing more up to date on the road and whatnot. . .well i can dream can't i?!



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