Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Well here we are again or How I lost all my hair in about 15 mins. . .

Hello all! Been a long time since last I posted but due to SOME popular demand. . .here I is! Been back from tour about 3 days now. . .this last run was 6 weeks of N. America. We toured with 2 AMAZING bands on this run The Secret Machines in the east and Future of The Left in the west. . .lemme tell you tour is made much easier by having GREAT touring companions and these lads lacked nothing in the GREAT department. . .

I think in total we spent about 8 & 1/2 months on the road this year. . .a personal longest for me. . .so many crazy things seen and done. . .many firsts this year. . .first time in Australia, New Zealand, Calgary and Alberta and my first time seeing Dubai. . .only for a layover. I can't even really process this year at all except to say that it has brought with it some of the highest highs and lowest lows. . .its been the most manic depressive year of my life and that can only be properly defined over many cups of coffee and a few hours. . .hehe!

So now I'm back in Lansing and enjoying the downtime with the LadyPigg immensely. Missing a loved one could possibly be the second biggest toll taker on an extended tour right next to the sheer exhaustion you feel of having your routine interrupted by strange time zones or early (late) load-ins (or outs) etc. . .I've always described the touring life as the largest/weirdest experiment/dare you can put your body through and I feel as though that is EXACTLY what i just did. . .PHEW!!!

Anywho, I'm plotting my next world takeover here in Lansing now and trying to get plugged into some local flavor. . .also gonna try my hand at this great states fly-fishing in the coming weeks so watch out steelhead!!!

I hope all is fine and dandy with you whether you're right up the street or halfway 'round the world!



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