Monday, December 8, 2008

Bittersweet Symphony or The Keys to the Kingdom are the Keys to the Automobile. . .

Hi, all! been a little while i know. . .you've all been waiting with bated breath for me to reappear and give meaning to your collective existences. . .hahahaha yeah right! i guess its time to make the announcement in a big way. . .I'm moving to Michigan. East Lansing to be specific and today is the official beginning of "Get ready to move time!". . .this seems to be something i do quite a lot, and something i also happen to enjoy in a big way! you get to go through all that stuff and see all kinds of old crap you had no idea you still had or maybe even had in the first place. . .amazing. i just found a bunch of Haiku i had to write for Eng. 101 at Belmont. . .fuuuuuuuuuunnnnyyyyyy!!!!

In other news, the Big Double Duty show came off without a hitch! It was a blast and reminded me of just hooooowwwww much fun i have playing with TSG. . . i really think that the combo of Parrish, Burleson, Lane and Ford (Lawfirm anyone?) really had something tasty going on. . .it was great and i think we reached the outer bands of the milky way in record time. . .i don't really remember half the show! hahaha the FC set was very strong as well. . .it felt really great (even though i kept breaking shit. . .hahaha)

The news came in today that the TOD tour schedule will be X-tra nice for '09. . .looks like February-December on the road. . .yowsah! this, of course, doesn't mean that we won't have ANY time off but it does mean we'll be busy bees for the entire year. . .and we get to go to some amazing places. . .so far it looks like this: Feb-Mar US (and i mean the ENTIRE US) and a pinch of Canadia. . .Apr-May Euroland. . .then its Japan/Australia. . .then back to Euroland. . .PHEW!

well, i'm gonna get back to packing. . .everyone go check out the Verve's performance from Glastonbury this year. . .inspiring isn't the word. . .and anyone with pics/vids of our show send 'em over to me. . .

love to all!!!

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